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Tonight was Senior Run-through for Marching Band, and my last full rehearsal for marching, ever. Truth is, when I first joined Marching Band, I loved it. I used to work hard at it, but this year I hate it. I hate how it's run, I hate the decline in the band that's happened just since I've been around. Cuban Fire was reportedly the last good show, and I believe it. I like Danny Elfman, don't get me wrong, but the Drill doesn't even go with the music! The leadership has gone downhill too, as impossible as it seems, Ms. O. got worse over time. Thankfully, she's been demoted back down to Assistant. Maybe a few years from now the band will be good again. As it is now, Nick and I are probably the best marchers on the field, we get no recognition or respect anyway. We had the senior run through. It was laughable, I was cracking up the whole time. But in a way it was also quite sad, to see the state of the band...they can barely keep time when we're down there with them! It was terrible without them. I was being a bit of an ass when I started dutting from the press box when Zach was changing the tempo on the Doctor, half of the remainder of the band started to move.

The comradery that used to be present among the former senior classes is gone. The seniors from '08, '07, and '06 were at least nominally friends. The fact is that most of us can't stand each other. There are 14 senior members, 12 who marched all four fall seasons. Counting the people who joined late and quit, there were 20 of us all together. Like I said, we can't stand each other. The other senior ceremonies at camp, the seniors cried, we laughed and thought "god, I can't wait to get away from these people. It's odd I suppose, I do regret joining this year, it's nothing like it used to be. At the same time, I'm not sure if it was just misplaced loyalty, or if I was really, truly hoping it wouldn't suck this year. If it's the latter, I should have known better. I feel no remorse over the last full practice, I don't feel bad about missing all the extra time I miss. I still love music, I just hate the marching band. The tattered shreds of respect that were left when I joined are now dead and gone. Traditions are broken, and everything else that was good about it too.
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